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Whip whip rock rock
Straight lock up
5:30 AM baby
Time to light the block up
Be honest kid, you don't want no problems
We the ones to finish it
Ain't the ones to start 'em
Bag of honey roasted
Got the mexicoke
Belted in the cutlass
Dodgin ready to go
Gold flake patina
Early bird day dreamer
If you know about it
Don't tell 'em that you know
Houdini magic mixing
Got the greens with the biscuit
You know it's good chicken
When she buttermilk dipped it
Bite her bottom lip
When she start to catch the rhythm
Parallel shift
Clean clutch, no schism
Pop pop pop
Off my hip
I hit my target
Sleep in my whip
Fuck yo bitch up at Target
Back on my feet! DAMN
I ain't even done yet
Chop 'em down
Clean cut Paul Bunyan

Yeah yeah yeah what's going on
187.5 on your FM dial
This is DJ Scotty Rock
That was that new Zebulon Lane
Now we about to get into that Luscious by your man
Scotty Rock
Exclusive new shit
And if you ain't copping it from Pharmacy Records
That shit is bootleg, word
Uh yeah let's get into this
All right

My Pyrex looks like bowls filled with Goldfish
Revenge in an oven
I'm serving a cold dish
These niggas DMing my old bitch
Your Man Crush Monday is wearing a Mishka hat right now
Your Woman Crush Wednesday I just told her to bite down
I know how rough this might sound
But your ex-bitch is fucking your best friend
She has whack head if she lives on the West End
I don't get in the drama or what-have-you
But I just saw your boyfriend cycling
Down Stone Avenue
Your uncle just called me for a front
And your dad didn't clock out when he took his lunch
Something you should know, and don't be alarmed
But the hottest woman in the city is your moms
When I see her in the city hug her for too long
She's such a sweet lady she thinks nothing's wrong
Scotty Rock just beat up his momma's boyfriend
I'm the neighborhood Sancho
I just bought a condom the size of a rain poncho
I just made this beat way more hot
Had a girlfriend when I met my coworker
At Las Meras Tortas
I could feel the vibe when she spoke to me
I say this next thing openly
I was only cheating emotionally
Feels so good to say these things vocally
If she's so loyal how come she won't be broke with me
Only time she rang my phone is when she needed coke from me
Tell me what you tell a bitch
You want to give a girl the world
And she orders mozzarella sticks
Said her dad didn't love her and
I told her that's irrelevant
Thinking out loud
Don't pay me no mind
Told her that her brother was a junkie
That's why I laughed when he died
Caleb said if you can take a dick you can take a joke
And if she pokes then she smokes
But that's none of my business
Your high school crush can't buy gifts
For her kids this Christmas
And your favorite local rapper just took the stand as a witness
And your favorite local rapper can't read
And your favorite local rapper just asked me for weed

Yeah shout out to Huey down there at Pharmacy
Shout out to my man Frank
Shout out to Hype864
Shout out to Hyped Experience
Shout out to Experiences by Hype
187.5 on your FM dial
This is DJ Scotty Rock
And this is not Neighborhood Shares III
This is not a test
This is not Neighborhood Shares III
Let's get into it

Whether engineer or battle rap
I steer the cattle back
Pioneer the amperage
Orchestrate the cabbage patch
Spit truths off top like a Snapple fact
From a Snapple apple bottle cap
Sipping on the back end
Like I'm wearing a Camelbak
Pulled up in a candy coated Cadillac
With a color-coded camper back
Me and Scotty Rock is like Johnny J and Dr. Dre
Zebulon Lane is Lesane Parish Crooks
No need for Michel'le's
So like James Yancey I'll forever stay paid
Delicious Vinyl in my arsenal
Just a Stones Throw away
Made a mark on the game
Now here to stay
Who he you know
Drop three tapes the same day
I got lots for sale
Treat rap game the same way
Link with crew and scheme
On how to make cream
I produce, engineer, and write
So I make more points
Than Ivy League debate teams


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

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