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Bulletproof immaculate
Haphazardly my handy kilo bidness
Cursive in my ledger candy
Vibrations with shake pawn
I like my Lebanon blonde
Abscond when police say
I’ll be doggoned
That’s my favorite song
Whistling Dixie
Pixie dust in my straw
My father and wife
Used to party with Barney Fife’s son
I’m above the law
Warsaw song
Dress modest ma
What you got that thong for
My manager just called
And said they want us back
At The Gong Show
Mixed recipe
My Chesapeake Bay spaniel
Goyard leash with a leather handle
Light a candle in the bramble bush
I heard Jesus had good kush
Break me off lightly
Pussy juice on my white tee
Police ring my bell, shit
I’ll accept the charges
Lace up my Nikes
Before I dance amongst the stars

Spit straight soul when I hop upon a mic
Hit a red light
Get my head right
Stop trippin over stones cast
By those without sin
Listen to the word within
Back when I started
Never dreamed about charting
Just spreading funk around
By way of sound bartering
Trade a fist bump or a dap up
For a listen
Critique what’s missing
If it isn’t
A cynic treating those
who listened to a clinic
And now I am a christian
Maintaining cynicism
Neighborhood Shares
Hunting bass like fishing
Tradition turned fiction
Cake go the distance
But it’s a lie dimwit
Smoke and mysticism
Mirror white line split
Choking up your system
Bad call brother
Gotta look beyond the prism
Instead combine colors for
The big picture schism


from Neighborhood Shares II, released August 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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