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I want to thank God for giving you so much and me so little
I BTK Yay and P’s
In a day I make a couple G’s
Keep it moving put away the cheese
Hand to hand slammin’
Jammin’ Summer Breeze
You niggas CD-J
Y’all holograms, fantasies
D&D I’m Hollowman
Y’all ain’t seein’ me
Grán Mércí
More Erick than Parrish,
Y’all just parody parrot
Aren’t we a pair it’s apparent
Isn’t her face just the fairest
Celestial wind carries the carriage
Need a wheelbarrow just to carry the karats in
God Bless my baby from her head to her keratin
And the shit that I’m carryin’
Will turn your flesh into carrion
If The Price Is Right
Then it’s me Baby Boy
Bob Barker Barbarian
Nickel plated Mossberg
Spit up a cartridge
Look like I just caught a tarpon
The trigger is hairpin
I move like a terrapin
I’m hard as a carapace
Bring the city together
Dawg I’m Pericles
My whole life’s been preparing me
Getting bread like Sara Lee
If I rapped on my own shit
I should charge a fee
Birdman Daddy y’all niggas is Parakeets

Big body boy
Take care of business
NBA Jam ’94
Give me a witness
I been in the squat rack
Working heavy lifting
It ain’t hurt nobody
Steady mind your fucking business
Wake up every day
Something new going crazy
It’s straight armageddon
And I’m Bruce Willis baby
I been tossing Hans Gruber
Off the motherfucking top
His brother want it too
He gets the motherfucking mop
I got Impalas full of problems
They don’t want em
They gon pull up if I call em
Put butterflies in yo stummy
All my dogs hungry
All my dogs eat
Chopper doing tricks
Like I taught that thing to speak
Catching my reflection
And I don’t know the face
But the truth be told
I don’t think that I want to
Losing my mind
I’m wild like Nicolas Cage
And it’s hard to say they
Ain’t much that I won’t do
It ain’t leaving me alone
Metronomes is in my head
Answer the phone
It ain’t hello
It’s what it do instead
Hows your mom
How you living
Is you getting your bread
Are you doing all that shit that you said
I went Johnny Blaze
On a Johnny 23
Now I smoke with Johnny Bravo
Keep the Pax on me
Mindset all I change
Money ain’t a thing
All I want is a home
And a couple of gold teeth

I’m The Fly like Cronenberg
Einstein-Rosen words
Close gaps with bridges
Move packages practicing
Real life
Like we infamous for
Creating hype on ignorance.
Real type
Ink to paper or
Palm to smartphone
Pilot phrases patiently
Parallel park them
Left right in reverse
Best like to rehearse
Take care of business
Am I finished work
Blank starting place
Chart staves
Walk through parted waves
Hearts embrace
We fill halls
Build walls candidly
Feed the family
I'm the man to be
Sip on my seltzer
Bubbles like soap
Free Design red lined speakers
Quite dope
I'm in the back seat
with my wife
Pretty Purdie rap beat
Crushin it right


from Neighborhood Shares II, released August 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

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