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Watching me work
You about to witness a masterpiece
Modern Warhol Xerox calamity
Eat my pasta out the Betty Crocker butter bowl
Tell me I'm wild and my vision astronomical
I'm working hard til there's bands in the rental
If I ain't save your number you sent straight to voicemail
Threw me to the system
Foster homes addiction
Sweet tooth for wild things
I'm just being candid
Kurt Cobain JFK
Life is such a headache
Tylenol don't take the edge off
Like sex and candy
Texas tea and diamonds baby
I be under pressure
Never stressing count my blessings
Get straight to my paper

Scotty Rock the stash man
I've been muscling birds
Like a Pontiac Trans-Am
SPAS 12 same color as Popcaan
Man the AR came with a kickstand
And look like it's doing the Can-Can
Damn fam, why they want to ban the Rock Man
Scott with the ruby lenses and the specs
But my last name ain't Summers
I spent summers in the 'jects
Back when Donny's Mama had the ruby Hummer
That compact .45 sounding like some thunder
When the cannon clicks like a snapshot
Slapshots for you have-nots
Pull up in a Bernie Parent mask
Like I play for the Las Vegas Thunder
A cowboy for cheese
My heart colder than the frozen tundra
Who want it with me
Big shady pussy nigga
Got robbed while he was holding his baby
I could have made a call and got your shit back
But you know those birds fly south
I was busy rerocking a six pack
As I leave my competition respirator style
Climb the ladder to success escalator style
Clique look like they ain't ate in a while
I get paid in a pile
This shit ain't no game
Ain't no saving your file
Man this might not make sense
But I'm in Texas on a boat
Green laser on the strap
Like Gex's remote
Had to get up off that dumb shit
Got a bread truck
Had to get up off that Crumbs shit

She's the queen of XTC
Got her right next to me
Essentials on the registry
Video game treasury
Measure me by what my letters speak
Whether you heed better read
The fine print
I'd rather dig pocket lint or
Read an end user license agreement
If a tumor has my life in a vice grip
I'm screaming
Raw Bond villain
Vagabond willing to fill in for
Nathan Fillion
Make sure my skill points are spent
I make dense dents
And sense scents
My stand power is the
Extinction Level Event
Ending my time in the big tent


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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