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Now what the hell are you waiting for
Can't a young hustler get money anymore
Double knee dungarees
With my logo on the drawers
Have your fiancé meet me with no bra
The way I swap hoes for more bread
You'd a thought they was Kane's coleslaw
Who they trying to kid Rock
They don't wanna ball wit da boll
Boy you fucking with The Rock
You should know your role
Snack pack rapper
You don't get no chips
On your own album
Your verse gets skipped
Commodores this is your life
And yeah it's sick
Everybody wanna be Rodman
Yeah, no shit
Coke fiend with the nose ring
A bunch of broke dicks
Silly ass hair
Fucked up kicks
I wouldn't be Scottie Pippen
No rapper ever took my bitch
I was the third little pig
I'ma fuck with these bricks
B roll flow
Man your outfits campy
I got more candy than canteen
Somewhere in Savannah
Swimming where it's sandy
You were in OutBack with Groupons ordering shrimp scampi
Dog you was fuckin' up
Your bitch was in a sundress with flip flops & bubble guts

Now what the hell are you waitin' for
Can't a young producer get money anymore
Let the show begin
How they gonna pull up in a truck
Nah E, that's a Benz
Without me how would you have style to steal
Every whip that I drive has curb appeal
When the car drives itself
You can fall asleep at the wheel
Just insert key and peel
I'm the king of the wheel and deal
On the wheels of steel
It's a holy matrimony
I'm the macaroni with the cheese
Why these phony MCs
Act like we homies, please
Call up Scott and we'll set it up
Write, record, produce and EQ
Let me do the math
If you have no talent and cash
Then why the fuck we need you
Invisible man flow
You're see through
Mr. E-Fly, AKA me too
Everything they say
I'm like, hmm, me too
Say he got a studio, yeah, me too
Got his own crib, yeah, me too
Oh, you know Zebulon and Scotty Rock
But it's simply not true
No hugs or daps, it'll wrinkle my suit
You have plans you don't execute? That's cute
You made a whole career off of recreating Neighborhood Shares II


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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