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Dimension Fortress

from Neighborhood Shares by Neighborhood Shares



I ain't coming down
Ain't no coming down
I ain't coming down
Ain't no coming down, no no
Stay up in the clouds
Smoking on clouds
Never touch the ground
Never coming down
Break it down
Putting light through the prism
I might gut the swisher
Open up an alternate dimension
Been through hell and back
It ain't no hard decision
Wrap that shit up in Raw papers
Put it down for some provision
Floating through the city
I'm a phantom menace
Got that paint pen dripping
Throw the name and then I'm dipping
Casting magic, Yeah
I make a little mischief
And I swear that she a genie
Cuz she granting all my wishes
Alternate Dimensions entered
Mental fully cleared and centered
Mission: to achieve the title
In a fight with best contenders
Galactic battle tactics
Mech suits all across the battlefield
Like broken matchsticks
I'm back to wreak havoc
Catching flack attacks from Kaiju and Jaeger
They don't know I'm worse
Than getting hit with the combo breaker
That's on Nintendo, Playstation or Sega
And if we end up wrestling
I'm going Undertaker
Scott Potter's spoiled
Cooking coke: Hot water and oil
As kids we thought the shit was grits
Take off with the payoff
Eight balls in my fish tackle
Bail out and spit at you
Best friends kidnap you
All we wanted was a two piece and a biscuit
Get knocked and hope for conjugal visits
My physique is exquisite
Punching the digits
Breed exotic pigeons
Cuz the sky is the limit
Used to help mom with Bozo the midget
Now my ho think I'm tripping
She found coke in the kitchen
Next to the stove
Looking for soap for the dishes
Machine Gun sounds like Jadakiss
In the Cadillac same color Betta fish
Fishbowling south side
Still holding dick swollen
Bull horns and elbows
Get your grill broken
Dope house in Elko
What the fuck's a war on drugs
Got a couple thousand narcos
For the pill smokers


from Neighborhood Shares, released August 15, 2019
Scotty Rock
Eli Colburn


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

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