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Neighborhood Shares III

by Neighborhood Shares

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Luscious 03:54
Whip whip rock rock Straight lock up 5:30 AM baby Time to light the block up Be honest kid, you don't want no problems We the ones to finish it Ain't the ones to start 'em Bag of honey roasted Got the mexicoke Belted in the cutlass Dodgin ready to go Gold flake patina Early bird day dreamer If you know about it Don't tell 'em that you know Houdini magic mixing Got the greens with the biscuit You know it's good chicken When she buttermilk dipped it Bite her bottom lip When she start to catch the rhythm Parallel shift Clean clutch, no schism Pop pop pop Off my hip I hit my target Sleep in my whip Fuck yo bitch up at Target Back on my feet! DAMN I ain't even done yet Chop 'em down Clean cut Paul Bunyan Yeah yeah yeah what's going on 187.5 on your FM dial This is DJ Scotty Rock That was that new Zebulon Lane Now we about to get into that Luscious by your man Scotty Rock Exclusive new shit And if you ain't copping it from Pharmacy Records That shit is bootleg, word Uh yeah let's get into this All right My Pyrex looks like bowls filled with Goldfish Revenge in an oven I'm serving a cold dish These niggas DMing my old bitch Your Man Crush Monday is wearing a Mishka hat right now Your Woman Crush Wednesday I just told her to bite down I know how rough this might sound But your ex-bitch is fucking your best friend She has whack head if she lives on the West End I don't get in the drama or what-have-you But I just saw your boyfriend cycling Down Stone Avenue Your uncle just called me for a front And your dad didn't clock out when he took his lunch Something you should know, and don't be alarmed But the hottest woman in the city is your moms When I see her in the city hug her for too long She's such a sweet lady she thinks nothing's wrong POISON Scotty Rock just beat up his momma's boyfriend I'm the neighborhood Sancho I just bought a condom the size of a rain poncho I just made this beat way more hot Had a girlfriend when I met my coworker At Las Meras Tortas I could feel the vibe when she spoke to me I say this next thing openly I was only cheating emotionally Feels so good to say these things vocally If she's so loyal how come she won't be broke with me Only time she rang my phone is when she needed coke from me Tell me what you tell a bitch You want to give a girl the world And she orders mozzarella sticks Said her dad didn't love her and I told her that's irrelevant Thinking out loud Don't pay me no mind Told her that her brother was a junkie That's why I laughed when he died Caleb said if you can take a dick you can take a joke And if she pokes then she smokes But that's none of my business Your high school crush can't buy gifts For her kids this Christmas And your favorite local rapper just took the stand as a witness And your favorite local rapper can't read And your favorite local rapper just asked me for weed Yeah shout out to Huey down there at Pharmacy Shout out to my man Frank Shout out to Hype864 Shout out to Hyped Experience Shout out to Experiences by Hype 187.5 on your FM dial This is DJ Scotty Rock And this is not Neighborhood Shares III This is not a test This is not Neighborhood Shares III Let's get into it Whether engineer or battle rap I steer the cattle back Pioneer the amperage Orchestrate the cabbage patch Spit truths off top like a Snapple fact From a Snapple apple bottle cap Sipping on the back end Like I'm wearing a Camelbak Pulled up in a candy coated Cadillac With a color-coded camper back Me and Scotty Rock is like Johnny J and Dr. Dre Zebulon Lane is Lesane Parish Crooks No need for Michel'le's So like James Yancey I'll forever stay paid Delicious Vinyl in my arsenal Just a Stones Throw away Made a mark on the game Now here to stay Who he you know Drop three tapes the same day I got lots for sale Treat rap game the same way Link with crew and scheme On how to make cream I produce, engineer, and write So I make more points Than Ivy League debate teams
My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine In the lab with the all white coat on Alter ego wear a super suit That's cold as Frozone Look in your eye I read your mind Magic 8 Ball Man going wild I think he off of the 8 ball Floating on a cloud of smoke Burning some lethal Careful how you move But I move like it was legal You trying to get a piece Why you peeping through The peephole Man, fuck The Rock I'm the champ for the people Let's go, drop the bow Full Randy Savage Cream rule everything Dollar, paper, cabbage Ain't being talked down by Some goofy-ass has-been If you had the recipe Then you would really have it then Hate my movements But you could never do it Never buy me out But I might let you buy in You the type to sell your soul For pictures shaking hands How much it worth just to say that you the man A force of nature Shake em like tectonic plates Big body, clean rice See me banging weights My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine I don't have to brag or boast Bitch you do the math I'm thinking of culling in the ghost From a wagon to an Audi I get money like a Saudi All my ops disappear Ain't no need to get rowdy You had forty dollars in the club Fake chain on, diamonds looking cloudy I can see right through a bitch More fish than lutefisk My little homies call me Ludacris Because I drop bows on them Open and shut doors on them And I score on them They won't let me in a league Because I got *boy* in the speed Wax in the weed On the road to get rich And if you on probation dog I got clean piss Yeah I know they hating They can't take it But they dish it out I'm the people's champ Serve it while it's damp Out the Swishahouse I got clean in the cut Man you want this shit or what Scotty Rock the king of the city And I got the internet going nuts My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My bass line Bend the fabric of space time Bring back Frankenstein Jamming Edgar Winter in the daytime As Sade cries Cherish the Day And we're off like Ferris' day With some gin & quinine Or some fine wine For tonight's mixer Mabel on turntables Fat cat whiskers Tell her if she thicker than the fit Shoulda listened closer To the Whispers So Good in the pictures But his messages are mixed Not in the tracks Though I'd like to pick a kick Hidden syntax Underneath the fissure split Flip birds on wingspan With a flick And tuck em like a tit In the Fall Rock a beeper like I'm on call Watch in awe, flawless Laying down the law Just joshing Live is the DAW Drop the people's elbow to ya jaw shit No Logic Synthesizer top pick Juno or a Prophet Soon I'll write a pop lick My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine Just like rubies do Chilling with some villains Smoked out Scooby Doo My eyes, they shine My eyes, they shine
Wish I Was 03:39
Now what the hell are you waiting for Can't a young hustler get money anymore Double knee dungarees With my logo on the drawers Have your fiancé meet me with no bra The way I swap hoes for more bread You'd a thought they was Kane's coleslaw Who they trying to kid Rock They don't wanna ball wit da boll Boy you fucking with The Rock You should know your role Snack pack rapper You don't get no chips On your own album Your verse gets skipped Commodores this is your life And yeah it's sick Everybody wanna be Rodman Yeah, no shit Coke fiend with the nose ring A bunch of broke dicks Silly ass hair Fucked up kicks I wouldn't be Scottie Pippen No rapper ever took my bitch I was the third little pig I'ma fuck with these bricks B roll flow Man your outfits campy I got more candy than canteen Somewhere in Savannah Swimming where it's sandy You were in OutBack with Groupons ordering shrimp scampi Dog you was fuckin' up Your bitch was in a sundress with flip flops & bubble guts Now what the hell are you waitin' for Can't a young producer get money anymore Let the show begin How they gonna pull up in a truck Nah E, that's a Benz Without me how would you have style to steal Every whip that I drive has curb appeal When the car drives itself You can fall asleep at the wheel Just insert key and peel I'm the king of the wheel and deal On the wheels of steel It's a holy matrimony I'm the macaroni with the cheese Why these phony MCs Act like we homies, please Call up Scott and we'll set it up Write, record, produce and EQ Let me do the math If you have no talent and cash Then why the fuck we need you Invisible man flow You're see through Mr. E-Fly, AKA me too Everything they say I'm like, hmm, me too Say he got a studio, yeah, me too Got his own crib, yeah, me too Oh, you know Zebulon and Scotty Rock But it's simply not true No hugs or daps, it'll wrinkle my suit You have plans you don't execute? That's cute You made a whole career off of recreating Neighborhood Shares II
Prefab 02:20
I'm a cliche phoenix Resurrection obsessed Savior mentality With a God complex Inferiority while still majority Perspective drive a V8 by authority And floor it No state plate They ignore me To the forest post-haste Most hated beats In most states Hearing the trunk rattle Kick drum funk pattern Mixed most mastered Like the projects I work Footwork to post rock Progress by worth Nobody rock a faux hawk God bless em if they Test the faux pas No nahmean Just a slow pause If they know the god They know raw Flows hot as Microwave molasses Rock Paper Scissors No lava How we make the gutter Look so extravagant You know it's the blueprint When you're down and they're jealous Hot sauce and grits Over easy with the pepper I got to leave a tip That's bigger than the bill was Nobody hungry when I'm getting my money When grandma leave the table Yeah we all stand up Plastic chairs Put your plate on your knees Ain't no running in the house Tell your nephews and your nieces Tell them nice I don't want to hear no meanness Blessings 'fore you eat Like thank you Lord Jesus Man skinny fat Looking like a lean gut I can move a bag Watch you really fumble one Bad habits built from going through it Don't you ever, ever, ever double dog dare me to do it Don't do it Snuff Dog the miser I sold more drugs than Pfizer Moved more shit than diapers They think they're entitled Time is money On my watch bezel's the Tytler's Cycle Orion's Belt around my waist As I'm beating The Bible Already paid The Piper At the Gates of Dawn Bad white bitch Look like Goldie Hawn I got a thing for them long blondes If I can be real Blew in her ear and she said Damn daddy, thanks for the refill Two revolvers in my hand I look like a Beedrill We been on the road for hours She need to pee still Taught her how to piss next to the car outside the bar While I'm picking up and dropping off Ran a Fortune 500 company Out of a Jelly-jam jar Turned twenty to a thousand Was that really that damn hard When Bobby Fischer's plane Plane plane Touches the ground Plane plane He'll take those Russian boys And play them out of town
Queen of XTC 03:11
Watching me work You about to witness a masterpiece Modern Warhol Xerox calamity Eat my pasta out the Betty Crocker butter bowl Tell me I'm wild and my vision astronomical I'm working hard til there's bands in the rental If I ain't save your number you sent straight to voicemail Threw me to the system Foster homes addiction Sweet tooth for wild things I'm just being candid Kurt Cobain JFK Life is such a headache Tylenol don't take the edge off Like sex and candy Texas tea and diamonds baby I be under pressure Never stressing count my blessings Get straight to my paper Scotty Rock the stash man I've been muscling birds Like a Pontiac Trans-Am SPAS 12 same color as Popcaan Man the AR came with a kickstand And look like it's doing the Can-Can Damn fam, why they want to ban the Rock Man Scott with the ruby lenses and the specs But my last name ain't Summers I spent summers in the 'jects Back when Donny's Mama had the ruby Hummer That compact .45 sounding like some thunder When the cannon clicks like a snapshot Slapshots for you have-nots Pull up in a Bernie Parent mask Like I play for the Las Vegas Thunder A cowboy for cheese My heart colder than the frozen tundra Who want it with me Big shady pussy nigga Got robbed while he was holding his baby I could have made a call and got your shit back But you know those birds fly south I was busy rerocking a six pack As I leave my competition respirator style Climb the ladder to success escalator style Clique look like they ain't ate in a while I get paid in a pile This shit ain't no game Ain't no saving your file Man this might not make sense But I'm in Texas on a boat Green laser on the strap Like Gex's remote Had to get up off that dumb shit Got a bread truck Had to get up off that Crumbs shit What She's the queen of XTC Got her right next to me Essentials on the registry Video game treasury Measure me by what my letters speak Whether you heed better read The fine print I'd rather dig pocket lint or Read an end user license agreement If a tumor has my life in a vice grip I'm screaming Raw Bond villain Vagabond willing to fill in for Nathan Fillion Make sure my skill points are spent I make dense dents And sense scents My stand power is the Extinction Level Event Ending my time in the big tent
Addicts are so dramatic Tried switching my substance My undercover truth I was guilty of loving you Synthetic substitute Sweeter than honeydew Sharper than razorblades Run away with me I'll take care of you I got money, I'm player-made If you need it I'll make a way Make me sin like a centerfold See you singing on center stage Sweet as mint and pink lemonade Whether it's wrong or right This type of love is for life Bitch I told you that night It's not the dog in the fight But it's the fight in the dog Is it the bite or the bark Faith is the bird that feels the light When the dawn is still dark Sand Tigers and Great Whites Give her wings and she took flight My bitch want to leave It got me feeling like Suge Knight Cutting that flake on them dinner plates Got me going on dinner dates With your ho on the interstate We got cash to incinerate I don't mean to insinuate But she was loving for free When she should be fucking for fees That's why you never trust a bitch Dog keep your game tight And I know it ain't right She said it was mine Well then ho let's sell it They gon' say that I was a square If you let them tell it What I'm turbo Tom Servo More screen time per show than Crow Or a murder of 'em Hotter than a dozen pumice In a fire pit After I Inspired it to ignite Via flick of bic lighter I don't mean to incite He spit in a slick dialect But are you a hired dick Is this a wire trick Hit him with a fire lick plectrum in a pinch Treble Spectrum intense Crybabies and incense And peppermint We let the record spin Had to keep the work in seperate tins One for poison one for picks One for joy and one for sickness Separate pockets for the toys and riches We on a musical voyage when I'm mixing Fumble the pigskin At fun gym the misfit Always some thick skin And at times the dimwit Like an addiction Executing my mission Built different like I'm straight out the Acme crate I can flip two into four and four into eight I was born down in the gutter proper Ain't much that can hurt me I might pillow talk the kitty So sweet start purring Certified clean freak Still ride dirty I lifted up the Jeep Ain't shit that I'm swerving When I'm in the low whip I might cut like I'm allergic Say prayers to myself I don't trust no clergy I might separate church and state Both taxed unholy I'm going to guard my dollars Like Goldman was playing goalie yeah Come on through the spot You can get the re-up Brand new spot Just got the key cut Big worker yeah Love to get things done When I grin you might See a little gold or something I'm fucking gorgeous baby Just look at me Like an '89 Montero Or a '93 Mercedes what's up
No time for a silly bitch Cool as a fan on some Chilly Willy shit Is he really it Well let me ask this Who you know get their car shined At the same time get their ass kissed I don't understand it Imagine me considering the opinion Of a chick that's still wearing Stan Smiths I don't give a fuck where you grew up Or who your dad is Sell that fool Lortabs until you lose your crib I done did it before You couldn't even do my adlibs So bad I told Eve to pass the ribs Keep a trick up my sleeve And an Ace in the hole Put my finger in your face and you fold Like clean clothes in the laundry room in prison Steam roll all competition of which I have none if we don't share the same vision Throw her in the gutter And buy another Me and my brothers are Macanudo cigar cutters Mustard and mayonnaise Scotty Rock flows on the track like Fan boats in the Everglades Drifting in a Mack truck Devil on my back Just a fact: You can even hear him breathing on the track Wide toe box All white low tops No cop don't stop 9-5 Turbo Saab My snack dunkaroos Take a nap to Summer Breeze Dodge subterfuge Keep it under me Some must think it's fun to lose Wanna battle me Scorpion Fatality Done by Dick Dastardly Make another masterpiece Shining like a ruby Final Fantasy I plan to be the man to be Flowing like a manatee To be yours truly Colburn no fooey Skull turn like 'who he?' Robin Hood I'm the fox in the flesh Taking chances that They never expect All the signals saying right So I shake them with the left You can't take it with you So I put it on my chest Broken arrow rope-a-dope If you know you know You want to go toe-to-toe You're leaving with a broken nose Magnet in the chamber Hot headed Get my point across quick Hot leaded Rocket get the premium Don't pump unleaded Tripping fuck Mapquest Don't take no direction No luggage baby I travel light With the backpack on I'm just staying for the night The mini bar been empty since check-in Spot got five stars we still going to wreck it Mama said I was made to be wreckless I was born to wear a million-dollar necklace That ain't me Get money Stay humble in the streets Scooby Doo No ghost in my sheets I've been on my own since it was mp3s Tom & Jerry said set the trap with the cheese
Is it early is it late I don't know I can't tell Major Pains Damon Wayans Picket fence settle down Take your mind off that Just sign the release form Room service deliver What I sent for Lost in the cell With my ship going down Put that message in a bottle Hope it reach you Long days Hard times they about a dime a dozen Ash and exhale, days keep on coming Collapsing supernova I got work by Bova Up in the shadowbox Framed like it was priceless Bob Barker tell them what the price is Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before your blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before your blow is where the real hype is Yeah I been called everything From fat cat to lab rat Try to cut deep You can take a stab at it Laugh at myself when I'm Savage in traffic Like opening mystery packs of Magic the Gathering Unpredictable Catch me blabbering Like Scotty Rock off espresso Blood vessels pumping like Levels on the threshold Bless em with my dress code Rigging at the Expo Shout out to Expo Accept no less I say in jest Grass greener than a chief sesh Lake Jocassee where my feet rest Dream of meeting Kurosawa Copped this beat off Yamaoka Doubt me to be unsoundly I ring bells resounding Neighborhood Shares Now within your county And growing or bound to be Keep your outlook focused On the lookout to see Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before your blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before your blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Done forgot my lyrics Because that album was a throwaway holmes Done so much dirt in the street I had to throw away phones Moved in your crib, burnt it out That's a throwaway home Let's be clear, I make careers disappear Quicker than Robot Jones Man your album should be titled Scotty Rock presents Attack of the Clones Bitch please, emcees bit my style and steeze I can't respect my elder, dog Because he's a child to me Write your name on the wall and get defiled for free Take a look and you will see A bunch of Scotty Rock Juniors I'm the one they want to be You can cop swag, but my style ain't free Let's collab, I'll put your face on a tee Man I ball until I'm out of bounds Shoot until I'm out of rounds All my exes moved out of town I get paid to fuck the bearded lady Because the circus ran out of clowns Gold mouth Scotty definition of the south I just took a piss and I see Casamigos coming out We got real chem dog Man I thought it was a drought I got classics on my hard drive Is your album coming out Bite my swag, not paying homage What is that shit all about King's disease Hard to move when you're suffering from gout Everybody hit that bitch You know this Neighborhood Shares Fuck the rap game I can't get money with squares When it was time to ride You were always scared We were outside, you were never there I get money anywhere What's the difference between me and you clowns It's when I sit down I make a throne out of any chair Dying before you blow is where the real hype is Yeah, it's where the real hype is Dying before your blow is where the real hype is Yeah


released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

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