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Addicts are so dramatic
Tried switching my substance
My undercover truth
I was guilty of loving you
Synthetic substitute
Sweeter than honeydew
Sharper than razorblades
Run away with me
I'll take care of you
I got money, I'm player-made
If you need it I'll make a way
Make me sin like a centerfold
See you singing on center stage
Sweet as mint and pink lemonade
Whether it's wrong or right
This type of love is for life
Bitch I told you that night
It's not the dog in the fight
But it's the fight in the dog
Is it the bite or the bark
Faith is the bird that feels the light
When the dawn is still dark
Sand Tigers and Great Whites
Give her wings and she took flight
My bitch want to leave
It got me feeling like Suge Knight
Cutting that flake on them dinner plates
Got me going on dinner dates
With your ho on the interstate
We got cash to incinerate
I don't mean to insinuate
But she was loving for free
When she should be fucking for fees
That's why you never trust a bitch
Dog keep your game tight
And I know it ain't right
She said it was mine
Well then ho let's sell it
They gon' say that I was a square
If you let them tell it

I'm turbo Tom Servo
More screen time per show than Crow
Or a murder of 'em
Hotter than a dozen pumice
In a fire pit
After I Inspired it to ignite
Via flick of bic lighter
I don't mean to incite
He spit in a slick dialect
But are you a hired dick
Is this a wire trick
Hit him with a fire lick
plectrum in a pinch
Treble Spectrum intense
Crybabies and incense
And peppermint
We let the record spin
Had to keep the work in seperate tins
One for poison one for picks
One for joy and one for sickness
Separate pockets for the toys and riches
We on a musical voyage when I'm mixing
Fumble the pigskin
At fun gym the misfit
Always some thick skin
And at times the dimwit
Like an addiction
Executing my mission

Built different like I'm straight out the Acme crate
I can flip two into four and four into eight
I was born down in the gutter proper
Ain't much that can hurt me
I might pillow talk the kitty
So sweet start purring
Certified clean freak
Still ride dirty
I lifted up the Jeep
Ain't shit that I'm swerving
When I'm in the low whip
I might cut like I'm allergic
Say prayers to myself
I don't trust no clergy
I might separate church and state
Both taxed unholy
I'm going to guard my dollars
Like Goldman was playing goalie yeah
Come on through the spot
You can get the re-up
Brand new spot
Just got the key cut
Big worker yeah
Love to get things done
When I grin you might
See a little gold or something
I'm fucking gorgeous baby
Just look at me
Like an '89 Montero
Or a '93 Mercedes what's up


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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