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I'm a cliche phoenix
Resurrection obsessed
Savior mentality
With a God complex
Inferiority while still majority
drive a V8 by authority
And floor it
No state plate
They ignore me
To the forest post-haste
Most hated beats
In most states
Hearing the trunk rattle
Kick drum funk pattern
Mixed most mastered
Like the projects I work
Footwork to post rock
Progress by worth
Nobody rock a faux hawk
God bless em if they
Test the faux pas
No nahmean
Just a slow pause
If they know the god
They know raw
Flows hot as
Microwave molasses
Rock Paper Scissors
No lava

How we make the gutter
Look so extravagant
You know it's the blueprint
When you're down and they're jealous
Hot sauce and grits
Over easy with the pepper
I got to leave a tip
That's bigger than the bill was
Nobody hungry when I'm getting my money
When grandma leave the table
Yeah we all stand up
Plastic chairs
Put your plate on your knees
Ain't no running in the house
Tell your nephews and your nieces
Tell them nice
I don't want to hear no meanness
Blessings 'fore you eat
Like thank you Lord Jesus
Man skinny fat
Looking like a lean gut
I can move a bag
Watch you really fumble one
Bad habits built from going through it
Don't you ever, ever, ever double dog dare me to do it
Don't do it

Snuff Dog the miser
I sold more drugs than Pfizer
Moved more shit than diapers
They think they're entitled
Time is money
On my watch bezel's the Tytler's Cycle
Orion's Belt around my waist
As I'm beating The Bible
Already paid The Piper
At the Gates of Dawn
Bad white bitch
Look like Goldie Hawn
I got a thing for them long blondes
If I can be real
Blew in her ear and she said
Damn daddy, thanks for the refill
Two revolvers in my hand
I look like a Beedrill
We been on the road for hours
She need to pee still
Taught her how to piss next to the car outside the bar
While I'm picking up and dropping off
Ran a Fortune 500 company
Out of a Jelly-jam jar
Turned twenty to a thousand
Was that really that damn hard

When Bobby Fischer's plane
Plane plane
Touches the ground
Plane plane
He'll take those Russian boys
And play them out of town


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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