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No time for a silly bitch
Cool as a fan on some
Chilly Willy shit
Is he really it
Well let me ask this
Who you know get their car shined
At the same time get their ass kissed
I don't understand it
Imagine me considering the opinion
Of a chick that's still wearing Stan Smiths
I don't give a fuck where you grew up
Or who your dad is
Sell that fool Lortabs until you lose your crib
I done did it before
You couldn't even do my adlibs
So bad I told Eve to pass the ribs
Keep a trick up my sleeve
And an Ace in the hole
Put my finger in your face and you fold
Like clean clothes in the laundry room in prison
Steam roll all competition of which
I have none if we don't share the same vision
Throw her in the gutter
And buy another
Me and my brothers are Macanudo cigar cutters
Mustard and mayonnaise
Scotty Rock flows on the track like
Fan boats in the Everglades

Drifting in a Mack truck
Devil on my back
Just a fact:
You can even hear him breathing on the track
Wide toe box
All white low tops
No cop don't stop
9-5 Turbo Saab
My snack dunkaroos
Take a nap to Summer Breeze
Dodge subterfuge
Keep it under me
Some must think it's fun to lose
Wanna battle me
Scorpion Fatality
Done by Dick Dastardly
Make another masterpiece
Shining like a ruby
Final Fantasy
I plan to be the man to be
Flowing like a manatee
To be yours truly
Colburn no fooey
Skull turn like 'who he?'

Robin Hood
I'm the fox in the flesh
Taking chances that
They never expect
All the signals saying right
So I shake them with the left
You can't take it with you
So I put it on my chest
Broken arrow rope-a-dope
If you know you know
You want to go toe-to-toe
You're leaving with a broken nose
Magnet in the chamber
Hot headed
Get my point across quick
Hot leaded
Rocket get the premium
Don't pump unleaded
Tripping fuck Mapquest
Don't take no direction
No luggage baby
I travel light
With the backpack on
I'm just staying for the night
The mini bar been empty since check-in
Spot got five stars we still going to wreck it
Mama said I was made to be wreckless
I was born to wear a million-dollar necklace
That ain't me
Get money
Stay humble in the streets
Scooby Doo
No ghost in my sheets
I've been on my own since it was mp3s
Tom & Jerry said set the trap with the cheese


from Neighborhood Shares III, released July 7, 2023


all rights reserved



Neighborhood Shares Greenville, South Carolina

Stay Awhile and Listen

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